About Us


About Us

JRM Business & Management Services is your first and best stop for the most effective, cash positive, profit generating business solutions:

■ With a diverse team of experienced masters and more.
■ Servicing small, medium and large organisations.
■ Guiding, advising and solving a range of business needs.
■ Across multiple industries.
■ Supporting CEO’s, GM’s CFO’s, Business Owners, Managers and, Stakeholders with years of combined expertise.

JRM Business & Management Services is a team of seasoned and recent masters with an extraordinary combined wealth of diverse industry experience, skills and abilities. JRM can provide efficient, cutting edge, innovative systems and processes. Our teams offer high quality expertise across small and large business. Whether you are a large listed manufacturer in the FMCG arena or a group of small progressive retail outlets, JRM Business & Management Services can provide you fast concise and reliable advice with quality efficient service.

JRM’s Mission!

JRM’s mission is to provide efficient business solutions that build sustainable competitive advantage, increasing business cashflow and profitability! JRM Business & Management Services employees strive to deliver professionally tailored affordable solutions through:

■ Innovation
■ Quality
■ Service

Industry Sector Expertise:

Retail - national chains to small outlets electrical white/brown/computer specialists FMCG
Manufacturing – food, Packaging, pharmaceutical, clothing , fasteners, fuels and more
Pharmaceutical - chemical, vaccine, pain relief, tooth paste and many more
Transport & Logistics
Aerospace - building, construction and through life support
Defence (with restricted military clearance)
Energy, Oil & Gas - upstream wholesale and retail
Professional Services
Public Listed Companies
Private Companies
Not for Profit Charities

Other Service Scenario Examples:

Accounting Software general and specialist
Supply Chain process advice
Shared Service advice and support
Not for Profit
Co-operative advice
Defence contracts requiring restricted military clearance
Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestment
Vertical and Horizontal Integration
Strategic advice
Management advice
Market research and demographic analysis, marketing plans
Business Development
Internet Development
Annual Reporting
Industry Benchmarking, Report Building & Business Modelling